Rhucle – Yellow Beach

For some reason the courses I’ve taken at Uni over the years have had their exams absurdly early. At least, when compared to literally everyone I know. At the end of every semester I’ve been stuck waiting for weeks while housemates and friends are stressing out over exams. Pretty much stuck in my room watching movies, shows, reading books, or listening to music. It’s not the worst, but when there are no more routines, no tasks, no deadlines, no coursework, I slowly fall apart. I get pretty desperate in looking for something to keep me occupied for more than an hour or two, I can no longer disappear into a game for an entire day like I could a couple years ago, and I get restless if I read a book for too long. Music’s always been a nice escape, but even then I need something to do while listening to it. I spent about 10 months stuck in bed between June 2015 and this spring after I had some surgery done, and I damn near went crazy. Stuck in a bed in my parents’ house, with the nearest friends 200 km away, I’m surprised I came out the other end still fairly well-adjusted. I guess the upside is that I finally had the free time to learn how to produce my own noises. Well, I’ve always had the free time, I’ve just not had the patience. It became one of few things that kept me from going insane. I’m pretty disappointed in how little I’ve done with the netlabel I started, and the fact that I haven’t produced anything since March, but that’s hopefully about to change.

It was while I was stuck in bed that I started spending more money on music as well. I started my cassette collection, and went from something like a hundred releases in my Bandcamp collection closer to a thousand. I had no experience with cassette labels, so I had no idea what quality I could expect, but I got pretty lucky when I picked up a 2047 tape from No Problema Tapes. The now somewhat infamous Snow album, which I still enjoy listening to. I’ve picked up a handful more releases from the label since, and I’ve yet to be disappointed. Their Ambient Paths Series has been incredible so far, and I’m really bummed out that I can no longer afford to splurge on cassettes like I could a year ago.

Just this year, Rhucle‘s released through Oxtail, White Paddy Mountain, Constellation Tatsu, Adhesive Sounds, and now No Problema Tapes, and every release has been a welcome escape from an otherwise pretty hectic daily schedule. It’s totally cliche to talk about music as an escape from reality, I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean anymore, but I guess it’s an apt way to describe Rhucle’s music. For 40 minutes, Yellow Beach had me drifting away. When it was over, I looped it, and still felt the same.


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