Conner Youngblood – The Generation of Lift

When you listen to a lot of different music, you’re inevitably going to forget about a lot of fantastic artists. There’s no way you’re going to be able to keep track of all the incredible artists out there, believe me, I’ve tried. Eventually you’re going to end up with a maxed out RSS feed and an inbox with hundreds of unread updates from artists, bandcamp, soundcloud, and you just give up on even looking at your Soundcloud or Bandcamp feeds directly, they move too fast for you to keep up with them. I’ve almost given up on reading music blogs these days, relying mostly on friends suggesting new artists to me, and a series of wonderful physical labels and netlabels that every day fill up my inbox with fresh releases. Sometimes I feel like I’m unable to give an album or a song the attention it deserves, sometimes it feels like my inbox is a to-do list of stuff I have to finish before the day is over. Usually when that happens I clear out everything and find something in my music library, physical or digital, and re-listen to stuff I know I love, music I know can give me chills and bring back memories of simpler and more laidback times.

Yeah, I forget about  a lot of musicians. It happens more often than I’d like, but in the end, I’m not sure I mind it too much. Eventually there’ll be something familiar about a name in my inbox, or a sound I feel like I’ve heard before. Rediscovering something you heard years ago, and that you’d completely forgotten about till just this moment, is an amazing feeling. I first heard of Conner Youngblood through music blog The Blue Walrus, back in 2011. Back then I relied mostly on blogs like The Blue Walrus, Alphabet Bands, Berkeley Place, Harder Blogger Faster, Not Many Experts, and a handful others to help me discover new music. Australia was the first track I heard from Conner, and it stuck with me for at least a year, probably more. I can’t find it on any of my playlists, so I couldn’t tell you. I mostly listened to music on my Zune back in the day, and I’m too lazy to go digging for the charger to find out when I last listened to Conner Youngblood.

Apparently Conner’s been keeping busy without me knowing, with three EP releases since Australia, the last one being The Generation of Lift, which I found in my inbox courtesy of Counter Records. The sound’s the same, though maybe a bit more refined, with Conner still doing all the instruments himself. As before, the lyrics are the strongest point, as before, I instantly fell in love. Hopefully I wont forget this time. Like before. At least I’ll have a physical copy this time, as a reminder.

Conner on Bandcamp
Conner on Facebook
Conner on Twitter


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