DREIFALT – remembered​/​remastered​/​reissued

I’ve always hated spending a lot of money at once. That is, unless it’s something I need, like new furniture or a new mattress or whatever. Spending a lot of money on something I want, but not necessarily need, I always hated doing it. I bought a new computer last week, and it cost a lot of money. To make up for that, I decided not to spend any money on anything I didn’t need for the rest of March. Sounds simple enough, and it’s just another three weeks.

I mean, it really is simple enough, it’s just that when most of the music I like comes out in limited quantities, not picking up one on release means you’ll either never get one, or pay a stupidly high price to get a copy a month later. Yes, you can just buy a digital copy, usually for a lot less money, and I do buy digital copies quite frequently, but I like having music on physical media. So far this month there’s been a new sky 空 release on No Problema tapes, an excellent V/A release on Adhesive Sounds, Boliden’s new album out on Oxtail, and later today there’s a new chris††† tape out on Bedlam Tapes. And we’re only ten days into March.

And today, there’s another one. In late 2014, M.K.Hensel, probably better known as Trium Circulorum or Kanal Drei, created a new moniker for a conceptual series of double-sided singles, where the B sides all were heavily modified versions of the finished A sides. The alias for the project was Dreifalt, and was finished in January 2015. Now, the entire series has gotten a remaster and reissue digitally, with a special cassette release containing a mixtape of the artist’s personal favorites. With only five available copies I can’t imagine there being any left at the start of April, but I’ll be sure to pick up the digital edition when I can. Check out Trium Circulorum’s full Bandcamp page, and make sure you give Silent Surveillance a listen as well.


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