Candy – Wrapped in Plastic

The increased international shipping price from the US that came into effect in January is honestly not that big of a problem. Or, it shouldn’t be, at least, the difference isn’t that huge, something like 10%? The price of an ice cream cone or a pack of gum? For some reason it’s become a bigger issue for me than it really should be. Well, I say that like I don’t know why I think it’s a problem, but I do. Buying a tape from the US was already far more expensive than buying a tape from, say, Canada or Japan. I think I ordered a tape from Chile once that had higher shipping costs, but for the most part US topped the list. And now it’s gotten even worse? The shipping alone costs twice as much as the tape does, and I know there’s nothing that can be done about it, but it annoys me and has stopped me from buying physical copies of music i love more than once.

So, I was pretty sad when I saw that Candy (Calum Newton) had his 2014 release «Wrapped in Plastic» released on tape through Out of Breath records. Out of Breath is a fantastic label that consistently puts out wonderful music from talented musicians, but I’ve yet to buy any physical copies from them. I might have to change that though.

To my knowledge, Calum does it all himself. Production, mixing, mastering, which in itself is pretty impressive. He recently released his newest album Azure on cassette through Z Tapes, which I’m expecting to pop up in my mail any day now, and less than two weeks later comes the physical release of Wrapped in Plastic. Music for hopeless romantics.

Pick up a copy of Wrapped in Plastic on the Out of Breath webstore, or the digital copy on Candy’s bandcamp. Z Tapes still have copies of Azure available too, which I highly recommend picking up here.


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