Marti & the Dads – Hang Tentative

I’d love to tell you how I came across Grouphug, but I really can’t remember. I mean, the first release I heard from them was their recent split compilation with King Pizza Records, but I’m not sure whether it was Grouphug or King Pizza I discovered first. I have a habit of following labels and artist on Bandcamp, forgetting about them, and rediscovering them as they pop back up on my feed, though it has lead to me having an annoying backlog of releases at all times.

I tried to do something about my backlog by deciding to not listen to full albums if I didn’t enjoy the first 5-10 minutes of the release, which I suppose has helped somewhat. Time will tell, I suppose.

Marti & the Dads are a 4-piece surf punk / garage rock group from Colorado that have been making fall feel like summer for two years, and Hang Tentative is no exception. Check out the EP up top, and follow the shitrockers on Facebook.


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