Core – Galaxy

I apparently missed this when it dropped last month, which is weird. Is Hivern even capable of putting out shit that doesn’t bang?


soccer mommy – Clean

I’m kinda split on whether it’s fine to call soccer mommy bedroom pop. I guess it depends on your definition of bedroom pop. To me it used to be exactly what it sounds like, an artist or group recording and mixing tracks out of their bedroom, putting it out in a pretty raw format. It appeals to me because of how intimate it can feel at times, with less layers of production between you and the artist. Sorta like lo-fi being required for it to be called bedroom pop. Doesn’t hurt when the lyrics tend to be melancholic, self-deprecating and overall heavily emotional. It’s all just a reminder of why I generally don’t like being genre-specific. Genre definitions change, sub-genres appear, and in the end you’re just going to end up narrowing your musical horizon, which is the exact opposite of what you want.

At least I’m confident in placing soccer mommy alongside artists like squirrel flower (Ella Williams), Julien Baker, Jay Som and fuvk. Sound, subject and style might vary, but these are all young musicians making bittersweet, melancholic tunes that never fails to cheer me up and bring me down.

fuvk – time series

I have an exam in seven days and it’s not goin too hot.

There’s a new EP from one of my favorite artists of the last two years, fuvk. It’s maybe bolder than her previous efforts, but that cold, naked sound of melancholy is still there, and it’s still going on repeat while I tell myself over and over that in 8 days I can burn these books and never read them again.

Dan Mason – Infinite Failure

Dan Mason’s put out enough tunes to fit any mood I might find myself in through the years. In spite of pretty consistently changing up their sound and improving their technique, it’s always been nice listening to the new tracks. Infinite Failure is two hours of Dan Mason’s story, with every track accompanied by a paragraph’s worth of background info. It’s worth a listen and a read, even if you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing Dan Mason’s music before.

Hawaii94 – Evolve

Stratford Court releases pretty much never fail to impress. Though Andrew Walker’s (aka Walkietalkie) label doesn’t release too often, chances are it’s a good listen when something new pops up. This time with some warm, synth-filled, dreamy goodness from Melbourne-based Hawaii94 (Lee Nania). Summer might be over up north, but this entire album is  good reminder. There’s also a vaporwave-inspired MV  made for Saturday by John Reinke.


Stratford Court